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On facebook I saw a few people posting about Foundation Retreat and it made me curious. I looked up this website and decided to sign up. I have had issues in the past with religion and came back to faith a year prior to this camp. I attended it and honestly was the best camp I have been to. You get to meet people your age, enjoy activities, read about The Lord, and have fun the whole time.
I cannot press this enough: IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCE, GO!!!!!!! It was amazing! The worship was one of the best I have ever heard, and you feel a lot better at school at least knowing a few people.
Date of Posting: 17 April 2013
Posted By: William Olsen
Freshman, Texas Tech Rawls College of Business, BA Finance, United States
The foundation retreat was the one of the best things we did for our daughter before going off the TTU. She had a chance to meet some great friends and establish a relationship with other christian students that were attending the university as well. She is very excited to be one of the counselors for the Summer 2013. She wants to share her experiences with other freshmen and help them get ready for their first year away from home. I'm an active member of Texas Tech Parents Association-Southwest Houston Chapter and we are hosting one of the Matador Matinees this summer. I can't wait to tell other parents about the retreat.
Date of Posting: 11 April 2013
Posted By: Pattie and Terry Newman
Parent of Kayla Newman, Freshman @ TTU, Houston, Tx
It was tough leaving her there in the parking lot and driving off, we were leaving our baby. She sounded a little more excited when she called after going to Foundation, but we could tell she was still nervous. On Sunday morning, she called from the parking lot of the church she was visiting. It was the first time she had ever gone to church by herself, and her voice was apprehensive. As we talked to her she said "Oh there's Anna from camp," or "Hey, that's Brian from camp." We could hear her relief over the phone that she already knew people in this new place.

It was so hard not knowing if she would have "family" in Lubbock, but we knew just talking to her in that parking lot that she would be alright. That was our turning loose point, that Sunday morning; we knew she would be okay, or better than okay. That's when we knew she hadn't just been to a weekend camp, she had been brought into a family in Lubbock. That's why we love Foundation.
Date of Posting: 23 December 2012
Posted By: Kelly and Charlene Clark
Kelly and Charlene Clark, parents of Kayce Clark, Foundation Director 2008
Last year, I was on the Yellow Team at Foundation. My small group leaders were Heather Wright and Cameron Jones. There were both great leaders and I am really glad I was in their group.
I only knew one person that was going to foundation with me, and we were both separated at the very beginning. I was very nervous and was a little skeptical of foundation at the beginning. Thankfully I met some people once we got on the busses and ironically met two of the guys that were going to be living across the hall from me in the Residence Hall. It was a lot of fun meeting so many new people.
My small group turned out to be very good. We had pretty deep conversations and really got to know each other fairly well. I formed relationships in that small group that will last for a lifetime. I still see most of them frequently. Heather and Cameron have done a good job of staying in touch with all of us.
Worship was an incredible experience for me. I was born and raised in the church and have always believed in Christ, but I never felt his full presence before. Before foundation, I was so worried about my self-image and how I looked while I worshiped. During worship and midnight worship, I began to realize that my past and my future image don’t matter at all, because my life belongs to God. I wasn’t giving myself completely to him.
The last night of worship before we came back to Tech, I prayed to God that he would speak to me, and show me my calling in life. That night, I cried for the first time while singing the song, “With Everything.” I remember that moment vividly; because that was the first time I had ever heard God’s voice. It was an amazing experience. My body felt so warm and relaxed, yet extraordinarily uncomfortable. I had goose bumps down my arms and legs, and was completely speechless. After that experience, I will never doubt my faith in Christ my Savior, because he showed me how much he truly loves me.
This experience set me on fire for Jesus. It gave me drive and strength to begin college with a single purpose, to glorify God in everything I do. Foundation gave God the opportunity to speak to me and change me into the man I am called to be.
Date of Posting: 23 December 2012
Posted By: Ryan Williams
To sum up a very long story, Foundation was the stop at a two way street. I had the choice to go into college and live the “college life” of joining a greek sorority and partying every weekend or choose to follow Christ to Phi Lamb, to Indiana Baptist, to Foundation Staff. I made the life changing decision to follow Him. Having enjoyed Foundation so much as a camper I applied to be on staff for 2012. When I got the call that I had made it at first I was thrilled but I began to second guess myself and feel totally inadequate to lead people when I myself had such a regretful past. That night I flipped open my bible to read it and it was Matthew 5:14 about being the light of the world. My initial reaction to that was “Oh yes God, I guess this is a typical good verse...,”but come Sunday night at our first Foundation meeting our camp verse was read: Matthew 5:14, and I knew that was where God wanted me and had plans for me to do His work. If there is one thing I could tell campers coming in it would be to listen to God and be obedient to Him.
Date of Posting: 29 March 2012
Posted By: Rachel Morrison
Freshman and loving it!, TTU
Hearing only briefly about Foundation while on a campus tour and without knowing too much about it, I decided to sign up. As the summer came to an end, stressed and not ready to leave, I found myself questioning if I really wanted leave home early for this camp. Looking back now, I realize attending Foundation was one of the best decisions I’ve made, for it completely changed my life. When I first got to camp I was honestly scared for my life. Umm…why were the counselors banging on the car windows as we drove to a parking spot? Why were they jumping up and down screaming as loud as they could? Growing up in a Catholic home, church camp was something I had never experienced before. Worship was absolutely awesome. The moment the band started playing I felt the presence of the lord take over. Seeing more than 400 college students throw their hands up in the air and worship him in whatever way they were called to do was incredibly inspiring. The second night we were all back in the Tab and something hit me like a sack of bricks. As the band was playing I had one of the counselors on my team praying for me. I have never experienced this before and it was the greatest thing ever. I started crying my eyes out, singing as loud as I could, and just spoke directly to the Lord. I felt all of my burdens lifted and realized that the Lord has a bigger plan for me. It was that moment that I realized there was no way I could leave that room without accepting the Lord as my Christ and Savior. I know I already said it, but Foundation was one of the most incredible and rewarding decisions I could have ever made. Driving into camp that first day, I had no idea that those out-of-control counselors would end up being some of the most influential and best friends I could make my freshman year of college.
Date of Posting: 29 March 2012
Posted By: Rusty David
Sophomore at Texas Tech, Foundation 2011, TTU
Attending Foundation before my freshman year of college is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made for my life. I was so afraid that I would fall into the "college life" and lose sight of my relationship with God. God completely turned around any and all expectations I had for this journey. There's something incredibly powerful about a group of 400 of your peers pouring out their souls to God and singing in one accord that made me thirst to be closer to God even more. This was the first time I actually allowed myself to trust what God would do with my life, and I'm so glad that I did. I met so many of my friends at Foundation, and best of all, I got to move in with them and continue to grow our relationship, so the fellowship continued past those four days. I can't imagine how I would have made it through my first year of college without going to Foundation. It has changed the way I see my friendships and my life.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2011
Posted By: Megan Trammel
Sophomore at Texas Tech, Foundation Retreat 2010, Dallas, TX
When I am asked, "Did Foundation have a positive influence on Tyler's life"? I always answer, "Yes, it did and its still is working in his life." As a mom of a senior about to graduate from Tech, I cannot imagine Tyler's experiences at Tech without the influences of Foundation.

His Foundation weekend was a fantastic experience for him then; however its carryover benefits have been phenomenal. Tyler connected with a group of Christian friends that he is still close to now. There he found people who he began to attend church with, as well as youth groups and study groups. This later led to many of them becoming Foundation counselors themselves, spiritual prayer partners, small group worship leaders, and now one of the "originals" is the Foundation Director. Through their years at Tech, their original group grew as they made new friends, many of which were new freshman they had met at Foundation.

I have watched Tyler and this special group of kids grow in the Lord, care for one another, and mentor younger students. I have no doubt that Foundation for them was a gift from God.
Date of Posting: 03 December 2010
Posted By: Janie Thompson
Janie Thompson, Mother of Tyler Thompson, Foundation Finance Chair 2008
God grants parents 17-18 years to lay a foundation of values and attitudes that will help their children cope with the future pressures and problems of adulthood. Today's generation of kids go through some incredible pressures and temptations, most likely the greatest of these, are when they leave home and go to college. Prior to Aaron leaving for school, we asked God to provide our son with a Christian environment and to bless him with friends that loved Jesus. Was God ever awesome and faithful!! Foundation Retreat the week before classes started was without a doubt the springboard for the many wonderful friends and organizations Aaron has become involved with. Foundation provides the foundation for college kids to build upon while at Texas Tech. It affords them the opportunity to discover the many Christian organizations, fraternities, sororities and churches that Texas Tech and Lubbock have to offer. We are grateful and thankful our son chose to attend Foundation. Please do not hesitate to encourage your Red Raider to attend Foundation Retreat 2009!!
Date of Posting: 03 December 2010
Posted By: Glenn and Tina Mattlage
Glenn and Tina Mattlage, parents of Aaron Mattlage, Foundation Recreation & Registration Chair 2008

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On facebook I saw a few people posting about Foundation Retreat and it made me curious. I looked up this website and decided to sign up. I have had issues in the past with religion and came back to...

William Olsen